The Warrensburg Police Department and the University of Central Missouri's Department of Public Safety conducted alcohol compliance checks of local businesses that possess liquor licenses on Oct. 31 and Nov. 13. The agencies were assessing the level of availability of alcohol to minors within the Warrensburg area and prevent the sale of alcohol to minors.

While most of the companies were in compliance, they did find Crazy Dog, Walgreens, Discount Smokes & Liquor South and Jerry's One Stop in violation after they sold to underage minors. Sabra Hoeppner, Henry Crockett III, Amiya Thompson and Timothy Twiehaus were arrested for sale of alcohol to a minor.

This program works as the law enforcement agencies have underage buyers working under the supervision of the Warrensburg Police Department and UCM Department of Public Safety go into the businesses that possess liquor licenses and attempt to purchase alcoholic beverages. The program is funded by the Juvenile Justice and Deliquency Prevention Formula Grants Program administered by the U.S. Department of Public Safety.

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