Cpl. Bradley Arnold was recognized by the Sedalia City Council Monday night as the Sedalia Police Officer of the Year for 2019.

Police Chief Matt Wirt noted that Cpl. Arnold began his career with the City of Sedalia in 2011. Arnold's dedication and strong work ethic are two of the main attributes that earned him the award.

Cpl. Arnold serves as a field training officer and background investigator. “He is considered one of the best and most capable trainers we have,” Wirt said. “He is committed to insuring our newly-hired officers get started down the right path, to get the information and skills they need to be successful.

“Cpl. Arnold is very experienced and knowledgeable in all facets of police work, and strives to instill these values into our newest team members. He is well versed in department policies, city ordinances and case law. He projects a positive image our of department to our trainees and cares that the department is seen in a positive light in the community,” Wirt stated.

Arnold's supervisor, Michael Elwood, praised him for his sound judgement, dependability, and moral conduct.

Cpl. Arnold received a plaque from Chief Wirt and was congratulated by members of the City Council, Administrator Kelvin Shaw and Mayor John Kehde.

Randy Kirby