Teacher Tonya Gahring Edgar gave her students boas, hats and, ties so they'd be dressed to the nines for the premiere of their new classroom library at Skyline Elementary. This according to a post on the Sedalia School District 200 Facebook page.

The students didn't know Edgar was going to go all out celebrating the grand opening of their classroom library as she decorated the room for the celebration while her students were engaged in an outdoor activity. Aside from the sign on the door and giving students boas, hats, and ties, students got to walk the red carpet.

Edgar than read them "The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore" and talked about how books can take them anywhere. Students also cut the ribbon to the library and were able to check out books!

I think this is a fantastic way to share the love of reading with young students. It reminded me of when my third grade teacher read us "Tom Sawyer". I was surprised to really like the book, and I think much of the class was surprised by how much they liked it. I think she was surprised at how interested we were in the story too. For me, what was most important about that experience was the book truly did take me somewhere and the story was fun.

I think it's time to find another book to get lost in. Any suggestions?

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