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Are You Harming Your Cellphone By Doing/Not Doing This?
It's become an extension of our arm. If it's not in our hand, we have it stashed in our pockets, in a purse, tucked in a case or safely within reach. It's our cellphone. We rely on it like no other device. For most we'd lost without it. Some would go as far as saying that couldn&…
Do Any of These Make You Smile?
I received a present this Christmas. It was from my-stepdaughter. She is always trying to present me with a present during the holidays to challenge my wit. This time it's one to uplift my humorous side for the rest of they year.
Celebrating 75 Years of Veterans Health Administration
Being a veteran I've been fortunate that I am enrolled in VA healthcare. I personally go to most of my doctor's visits at the Sedalia office of the Veterans Health Administration (VHA). For specialty visits I travel to Columbia to the Harry S. Truman Memorial Veteran's Hospital.
Ever Had to Hoof It Toting a Backpack?
As I take some trips down memory lane I think of the days when I was in the Boy Scouts in Butler, MO Troop 321. I can remember camp outs where we would throw on our backpacks and hike from the Scout Hall to our destination.
Ready for a New KCI Airport?
As we enter a new year, plans are pretty much on schedule for the new Kansas City International Airport. The completion date for the one million square foot plus facility is early 2023.

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