In 2009, Distracted Driving laws went into effect but they are geared more for the novice drivers. Washington State is getting ready for a stricter Distracted Driving law later this month which includes no hand-held cell phone use while driving and a first-time fine of $136.00.

In Missouri, bills were introduced in 2011 and 212 for for making texting and driving illegal for all drivers. but none of them were passed by the State Legislature. 

So what is the current law for drivers in the state? If you're over 21,  you're allowed to compose, send or read text messages, as well as talk on their cell phones while driving.

For drivers under 21 years of age, (or novice drivers according to the state) there is a text messaging ban. If you get pulled over and a law enforcement officer cites you for distracted driving and gives you a ticket, you'll have to pay a $20.50 fine, which makes Missouri distracted driving laws some of the most lenient ones in the country.

This is a primary law, which means the officer can give you the ticket without having to witness another offense that has resulted from distracted driving.

Should Missouri pass legislation for stricter laws in regards to cell phone use while driving?

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