Sheryl Crow can now breathe a huge sigh of relief. The singer was granted a three-year restraining order against a disturbed man who threatened to shoot both Crow and film exec Harvey Weinstein. The stalker also accused them of stealing $7.5 million from him and claimed they videotaped him and followed him, causing his homelessness. Clearly, Crow was dealing with someone not in their right mind and who presented a credible threat to her well-being.

According to the Associated Press, the culprit, Philip Gordon Sparks, 45, must stay away from both Crow and Weinstein from here forth. Dr. David Glaser, a forensic psychiatrist who evaluated Sparks, believed he was “imminently dangerous.” The doctor also confirmed that Sparks’ psychosis focuses squarely on Crow, making him a threat to her safety and that of her two young sons, who are 5 and 2 years old. Glaser also called Sparks “unambiguously delusional.”

Crow, 50, had obtained a temporary restraining order in July after online posts and threats that Sparks made about her were brought to her attention. The judge ordered Sparks to stay 300 yards away from Crow and Weinstein, and he is forbidden from contacting them.

Crow did not attend the hearing in which the restraining order was handed down; neither did Weinstein.

Hopefully, this restraining order eases the singer’s mind and allows her to move forward with her life knowing that Sparks must stay away and not disrupt her life with his rantings and threats. She has enough to deal with, having been diagnosed with a benign brain tumor earlier this year.

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