The Sedalia School District is ready to begin classes on Thursday, Aug. 22. This week, orientation and open houses have been conducted.  While ordinarily parents would bring their kids to schools to see what new teacher they have, this year was a little different.

This is the first full year that special security measures are being put in place. Some of these were put into place during the year last year, but principals and teachers explained them to all the parents and kids. Each school has a buzzer system, and if visitors come to the school, they have to go to the main entrance of each school to be buzzed in. It was also explained any visitors in the school require a special badge. A resource officer has also been hired to serve at the Sedalia schools. In addition to the building security codes, the schools explained that if you deviate from the transportation schedule, you need to notify the front offices.

In addition to the security enhancements, kids will get a chance to have a free breakfast. The Universal Breakfast Program that will allow kids to eat breakfast in the classroom before classes begin. This is an optional program for the kids, but with breakfast being the most important meal of the day, it's important that kids don't learn on empty stomachs.

Here's to another successful school year!

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