If you got a traffic ticket or a warning because you were speeding in a Sedalia school zone, you're one of many. And seven people pulled over because of a school zone violation had a worse day than you.

According to a Sedalia Police Department press release after receiving numerous complaints from residents and Sedalia School Resource Officers about speeding in school zones the department's Traffic Unit and Crime Resolution Unit worked together during December and January to combat speeding in school zones.

According to the press release, officers saturated school zones and conducted enforcement activities related to motorists violating traffic laws which resulted in 107 vehicle stops, seven arrests, 29 tickets, and 78 warnings being issued.

Of the seven arrested, three were arrested for driving while suspended/revoked. Two were arrested for warrants. One for drunk driving. And one for delivery of a controlled substance.

Sixteen speeding tickets were issued, as well as 9 tickets for no insurance, and three for expired registration.

The Sedalia Police Department's Traffic Unit is planning more school zone enforcement events moving forward. So, slow down in school zones during school hours when children are present.

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