Country-pop singer-songwriter Sarah Beth is premiering her new music video for her song "Something Blue" exclusively with The Boot. Press play above to watch.

A weeper of a song, "Something Blue" is a reflection on missing a loved one -- specifically, on the singer's wedding day, though the sentiment is applicable to any big moment. "I've got everything / The man of my dreams / A pretty white dress and a diamond ring," Beth sings in the chorus. "Somethin' borrowed's my time with you / But I'll save a seat on the very front pew / For my somethin' blue."

The "Something Blue" music video finds Beth, in a white dress and flower crown, singing the song in a snowy field. A beloved horse connects her to the past; briefly, memories with a late loved one and that horse are interspersed.

""Something Blue" is a song dedicated to those who miss celebrating our victories with us. It is a reflection on a personal period of time in my life where I had to cope with loss and love all at the same time," the artist explains. "I wrote it to heal the hearts of those who need something to lean on during their own time of coping and growth."

Twenty-one-year-old Beth was born in Winchester, Va. -- also the birthplace of country icon Patsy Cline -- though she's moved more than 20 times already in her life. The rising artist headed for Nashville, Tenn., five hours after graduating from high school, and began working with Grammy-winning producer Paul Rossetti.

Currently, Beth is writing and recording with producer Sal Oliveri. Fans can keep up with her at

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