Salvador Perez is probably one of the most liked baseball players in Royals' history. The Kansas City catcher has grabbed the hearts of hundreds, even thousands of fans with his work ethic and his kindness on and off the field. With his last homerun Salvy passed another Kansas City Royals' icon. Do you know who it is?

Perez, who is now in his 10th season, hit another dinger in Saturday's game to pass a player that many consider as one of the great second basemen in the major leagues. Perez hit his 161 home run to pass Frank White.

So Perez, with his last homerun, moves up the list to number six in total home runs for KC. Who is ahead of the Royals' all-star catcher?

Next on the list at number five is Hal McCrae. Perez has a good chance of catching McCrae and passing him and moving into the fifth spot this year. McCrae's total number of HRs for the Royals is 169.

It may be a stretch for Perez to move into the number four slot this year as he need to get up to 190 homeruns to catch a former teammate, Alex Gordon. As of now Alex holds the number four spot with 190 round-trippers.

If and when, Perez gets past Gordon, he jumps up the list pretty quickly as needs to go from 190 to 193 to catch one of the original Royals, Amos Otis. Otis is sitting at number three with 193. Next on the list is Mike Sweeney with 197. At the top of the leaderboard is none other guessed it-George Brett. Brett tallied 317 homeruns in his 21 season with KC.

Who's Salvy. Could he make it to the top of the list? By the way, don't tell him it can't be done...cuz' that will definitely fire him up!

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