Here's the latest and greatest Off the Trail Track, where we highlight a lesser known song you're unlikely to hear on the radio from a popular album. This week we're featuring the self-titled album of one of the fastest rising names in country music: Cole Swindell.

Swindell's debut album is brand new, just released last week (Feb 18). The lead single 'Chillin' It' was an absolute monster of a hit, going all the way to number one on the country charts. Listening to the album, I'm predicting Swindell is going to be a huge success, and I think we could easily see close to a half dozen radio singles from this record.

This makes it a little tricky to pick and Off the Trail Track. So many of his songs have the potential to be big hits, it was hard to decide. I went with the sixth track, 'Ain't Worth the Whiskey.' I just think there are other songs on the album that are little better fits in the world of what's popular right now current country music.

This song is still a good one though, a nice "screw you" message to an ex. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments below.