Remember the great DC Nation Shorts that used to run Saturday mornings alongside Teen Titans Go!, Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series? Remember how one time DC and Warner Bros. got Robert Valley to do an absolutely, ridiculously awesome and stylish take on Wonder Woman for a few of those shorts? DC Collectibles remembers.

As part of this week's celebration of its fans, DC Collectibles revealed for the first time the Wonder Woman: The Art of War Statue by Robert Valley. It's so badass, stylish, hip and full of personality, you could probably enter it in the next cycle of America's Next Top Model, and it would win.

The statue is pulled straight from animated short that aired in 2013 (in case you need a reminder, we've posted all three parts below), and Jonathan Matthew's sculpt captures the physical embodiment of Valley's style almost perfectly. Valley's distinct linework is tough to emulate, but here, the exaggerated proportions work tremendously in the statue's favor, giving Wonder Woman an imposing silhouette that relays both her strength and her beauty.

The Art of War line itself, created to be the Wonder Woman analogue to the Batman: Black and White and Superman: Man of Steel lines, has been hit or miss. Not so much with the artists chosen (Cliff Chiang, George Perez, and Adam Hughes to name a few), but in the actual execution of design. That doesn't appear to be an issue here, and fans of Diana or Valley's work in general would do well to add this to their collections. I mean really, when's the last time you saw a Robert Valley anything for sale?


DC Collectibles
DC Collectibles


The Wonder Woman: The Art of War Statue by Robert Valley will be available this fall. No pricing was announced as of yet, but previous Art of War statues retailed for $79.99. Pre-orders are not available yet either, but as this will likely be a limited run piece, do keep your eyes open if you hope to bring one home.

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