My friend Monica is a preschool teacher at Parkview Christian in Sedalia, and asked me to come in and talk with her class about my job. She has people with various jobs visit the class and tell the kids what they do, so they can see all the different things they can be some day.

I visited the class and told them about all the things I do as a radio DJ, like playing music, reading funny stories to make people laugh, announcing news and school closings, doing live broadcasts from all over town and giving away prizes. The kids were really nice, and I got a lot of good questions like "Can you ride a horse?," "I've been to the State Fair," and "You can make school be closed?!"

What was really cool was that the kids all sent me thank you cards a few days later! I really enjoyed them, especially the incredibly colorful shark, which I think means that I'm cool and fierce, but also fun because of all the colors. The musical notes were nice too, but they were pink, so I think that might mean they think I'm girly.

My favorite would have to be the dinosaurs with the headphones. Since I also have headphones at my job, I think the dinosaurs represent how powerful and awesome I am. Or maybe that I'll be going extinct. Either way, thanks to all the kids for the great cards! Check them out in the gallery below.