Randy Rogers Band took the stage at 4:30 at the 2015 Country Jam, and it was a little early for the the six-member band, who admit they really like to drink late and sleep late. But they delivered a set chock-full of their biggest hits to the crowd, who lapped up the music like a camel drinks water in the desert.

"When I say this is early for us, I mean at least one dud on this stage doesn't get up until exactly this time," Rogers spilled from the massive stage.

He wished all the fathers in the crowd a happy Father's Day before launching into their one-hour set, during which they dished out song after song. "Too Late for Goodbye," "Buy Myself a Chance" and "Tonight's Not the Night (For Goodbye)" are just a few of the tracks the Texas-seasoned act performed.

Colorado responded enthusiastically to "Ten Miles Deep," and Rogers took a little more time to introduce his next song, "Speak of the Devil." "I grew up in a little bitty town in Texas. Daddy was a preacher, my mom was a schoolteacher, and I couldn't get away with anything," he admitted.

During "Last Last Chance," Rogers called out a fan who was two-stepping to the contagious beat, which only drove up the frenzy factor. The band's fiddle player, Brady Black, was a standout onstage, with the singer even taking a moment to shake his head in amazement.

RRB slowed down the set with "In My Arms Instead" and finished it out with their Lone Star State hit "Kiss Me in the Dark." It's the ballad of all ballads when Rogers sings "Hit me with your heart  / Til the morning light / Let your skin talk to my soul / Kiss me in the dark." You could practically see the hearts melting (and it wasn't due to the triple temperatures outside) as he sang.

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