RaeLynn, who got her start on Team Blake on Season 2 of 'The Voice,' released her single 'Boyfriend' at the end of 2012, but we haven't heard too much from her since then. She's been kind of quiet. Until now.

The adorable and talented teenager --she'll be 20 next year-- shared a snippet of a new song on her Instagram feed, simply labeling it a "teaser." She didn't set the table or reveal any other details about what she was singing, instead choosing to let the music and her voice do the talking. That's fine by us. We can't quite tell if she is lip syncing or singing live, but it doesn't really matter.

With that familiar shock of blonde hair –no flower tucked in her tumble of wavy locks in this clip- RaeLynn, who eventually signed to Republic Nashville after being bounced from 'The Voice,' sounded as pretty and powerful as we recall. The song also sounds like it has a bit of sass, since the lyrics, from what we can tell, are about driving away and not chasing someone who can't (or won't) commit.

We definitely want to hear more.