"Snack Cake Bandits Strike Again" said the headline on the television station website. I couldn't resist. I had to learn more.

According to KAIT 8 there's a couple of people who have a serious jones for Little Debbie snack cakes in Poplar Bluff. According to KAIT 8, "Police said two suspects broke into a storage unit locker on Saturday, May 22 and stole Little Debbie Snack Cakes." The station says it's the second time this year thieves have targeted a storage unit to steal Little Debbie snack cakes.

The first question I have is, why are Little Debbie snack cakes being stored in a storage unit? And my second thought is, the people stealing these snack cakes certainly must have one big case of the munchies. Otherwise they'd just do what the rest of us do, go to the convenience store or head to the Walmart and just buy a box of the snack cakes.

The article didn't say how many cases of snack cakes were stolen this time around, but when thieves first struck on New Year's Day, they made off with 20 cases of Little Debbie's.

My third thought is, when their ripping off the storage unit are they picking and choosing what kind of Little Debbie snack cakes they're stealing? I mean, every Little Debbie product is not created equal. For example, Swiss Cake Rolls and Zebra Cakes are awesome. But if you're going to rip off baked goods, and you're going to steal cup cakes, then you want Hostess Cup Cakes. And you're not going to find a Little Debbie version of a Hostess Twinkie.

Poplar Bluff police even got video of the snack cake thieves and set it to music. "The Twinkie Song" written by Jim Ragsdale. They got their snack cake brands mixed up here, but can you blame them for having fun with the crime?

On a serious note, Poplar Bluff Police are asking anyone with information on the snack cake bandits to contact them. And I'm heading to the convenience store for some Swiss Cake Rolls.

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