Pistol Annies brought their new single, "Got My Name Changed Back," to the stage of Good Morning America on Friday (Nov. 2) in a performance that showcased everything that's special about the group.

The trio of Miranda Lambert, Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley took the stage in interestingly contrasting outfits, with Lambert opting for a short black dress, while a very visibly pregnant Presley wore a sparkly silver gown and Monroe wore a '70-style green pantsuit that flared out to fringed bellbottoms. They swayed and danced in time as they gave an energetic, fun performance of the rollicking rockabilly song, which offers a sassy take on divorce.

Lambert sings lead in the video above, delivering the song with a smile and altering the lyrics slightly for television. The original lyrics say, "Well I got me an ex that I adored / But he got along good with a couple road whores," but Lambert changes that last bit to "a couple old girls" for morning television. She's wearing a washboard around her neck, and she rakes her nails up and down it in time like she's sitting in on an old-time back porch jam session as the lead guitarist and pedal steel trade solos.

Pistol Annies released their long-awaited third album, Interstate Gospel, on Friday, and they kept busy with a set of appearances that started with Good Morning America and included a special performance in New York City at the Town Hall. They will also perform at the Novo in Los Angeles on Nov. 7.

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