Pat Green is in good company with his latest tune. The Texan released a new single, 'Girls From Texas,' with Houston native Lyle Lovett joining him on the mid-tempo song.

'Girls From Texas' is presumably from an upcoming new album. Green's last studio record, 'What I'm For,' was released in 2011, but he also released 'Songs We Wish We'd Written,' a collection of some of his favorite hits, in 2012.

While the singer hasn't revealed too many details about the new set of tunes (although he did hint last year that his next album had collaborations with Lovett, Sheryl Crow, Delbert McClinton and Marc Broussard), he insists he isn't trying to fit into mainstream country with any of his projects.

"I feel like all of my records have sounded like me," Green tells the Dallas Observer. "There's no doubt about it, when you're making records with Dann Huff, you know exactly how the record is going to sound, and the production will leave nothing rough around the edges, nothing dangling. Also, when you're making records for the big labels, there's always pressure to produce a hit, and I didn't feel that pressure with this new record. I felt really calm as I put this one together."

But while Green has filled much of his career by performing all over the country, including plenty of shows in the Lone Star State, he admits his career takes a backseat to time with his wife and children.

“I think I get the most out of performing than anything else I do," he tells The Boot. "But there’s not a day I’m on the road that I don’t wish I was with my kids. I think that’s why I stopped doing 200 shows a year … I was getting anxiety, it was making me sick at my stomach, and I had fear and all these other feelings injected into me because I was afraid I was going to miss them doing something great or miss something bad happening and couldn’t be there. I do a lot of other work now so that I can work less on the road.”

Download 'Girls From Texas' here.

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