We are in store for 90 degree temperatures this week.  Time to turn on the air conditioner.  For those of us who spend a fair amount of time in their vehicles, this means turning on the air in the car.  If you open the windows, it can get a little loud, and you don't want papers and junk flying out the window.  I had been told in the past, that running the air conditioner in my car, would hurt the mileage I get from my vehicle.  So often I roll down my window.  Perhaps I need to rethink that.

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How many of you are aware that you have an air recirculation button in your vehicle.  Most of you should have.  I do on my Ford, but I have to be honest...I had zero idea if it was supposed to be on or off.  It’s a button most everyone has at least glanced at on their vehicle’s climate control dashboard, but are you aware of its purpose? The “air recirculation button” has a couple functions; mainly dealing with the vehicle’s air conditioning system. On most cars, trucks and SUVs the air recirculation button is easily identifiable, with its representing symbol a half-circle inside of the outline of a vehicle.

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If you use this button, this will ensure you are cutting off air from the outside and are recirculating the air inside your car.  The air recirculation button is great for boosting your AC to help the cabin of you vehicle get as cold as possible.

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Here is another reason you should use it.  It will allow your engine to not work as hard, and you will get better fuel efficiency.  Which will save you money on gas, and with gas prices the highest in a really long time, getting an extra few miles per gallon will be helpful.  You can click HERE for more details on this story.  So use this button on your car this week.  Stay cool, and save your engine and on gas.

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