Remember the Magic 8-Ball? We've all asked the 8-Ball questions, right? We came across an online version of the Magic 8-Ball and decided to ask it some questions about Sedalia.

Will Sedalia ever get a Target?

It is decidedly so.

What about Olive Garden?

Better not tell you now.

Is it OK to put peanut butter on a hamburger?

Outlook not so good.

Is there a community center in our future?

You may rely on it.

Will the Show-Me Freedom Festival become an annual Fourth of July event?

Ask again later.

One almanac makes one prediction, the other makes the opposite prediction. Will Sedalia have a bad winter?

Outlook good.

What about the summer? Will it be really hot?

Outlook good.

Will the Smith-Cotton football team make the postseason?


How about the Chiefs? Will they have a winning record?

It is decidedly so.



Will the Cardinals make the playoffs?

Concentrate and ask again.

Will the Royals ever get any better?

You may rely on it.

Have a question of your own for the Magic 8-Ball? Ask and click for the answer here. No shaking required. And no asking the same question over and over until you get the answer you're looking for!

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