There's nothing worse than going to a hot, crowded bar or club and realizing you forgot to put deodorant on. Well, almost nothing.

Last Monday night (Feb. 10), a 20-year-old woman in Germany went to a nightclub, and at some point realized her pits were less than fresh. So she went to the bathroom with a friend, reached into the friend's purse, and grabbed her spray-on deodorant. Then she went to town and started dousing herself with it. She immediately regretted that decision, because she'd actually grabbed her friend's pepper spray by mistake.

What followed was apparently chaos!  Two women got it in their eyes, and had to be treated by medics. The entire club had to be evacuated. No word on the state of the woman's armpits, but police are deciding whether or not to charge her with criminal negligence.

I do know one thing; reading about things like that certainly make me dropping my breakfast on the floor easier to take. Especially on a Monday. So enjoy the schadenfreude!

Pepperily yours,

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