Full disclosure: I have never smoked marijuana.  Never liked the smell.  Just never interested me.  However, there are many medicinal uses that have made me think that this would be something I need to do more research on.

BesaMe Wellness has a new location now open in Warrensburg. So I decided to give them a call.  I was glad I did.

I talked to the staff there and asked why a location was opened in Warrensburg.  One reason was they wanted to cater to the college crowd and the military. In fact, a 10% discount is given to those in the military.  That certainly is a plus.  And there is a loyalty program available.

Now someone like me, I am really clueless to this stuff.  I often thought people just used it to get stoned and mellow out.  But I now know that it has a lot of medical purposes and can be very affective in treating conditions like Alzheimer's, cancer, MS, epilepsy, glaucoma, and Crohn's. I have family members who suffer from a few of these ailments and I wanted to educate myself on them on potential treatments. If you think that medical cannabis can help you, you can go check out this new location in Warrensburg.  They can educate you and even allow you to speak to a doctor.  You can check out their website HERE and speak to a doctor online and educate yourself a bit more.

They were very kind in answering a few questions for me, and their door is open 7 days a week. There are delivery options available.   Or shop online.

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