Natalie Stovall and the Drive are debuting a brand-new, empowering song, “We Are,” and they're letting readers of The Boot hear it first.

"We Are" is a song for the discouraged, the weary and those whose dreams seem unattainable. It doesn't sugarcoat life, but it also finds redemption and hope in the battle scars -- and has a strength and depth to it that's needed in our world today.

"Smoke's rising on the evening news / And your faith gets a little bit black and blue / It's hard to rise above / You try to climb, but you get knocked down / You get so used to being on the ground / Don't want to get back up," Stovall sings in the first verse. She admits, "The truth is sometimes life gets hard / It'll break your heart," but the chorus is anthemic, bold and encouraging; it prompts listeners to raise their heads, their fists and their spirits and march on.

"We are stronger than we think we are / We are tougher 'cause we're battle scarred / We were born to be the fire and the shooting star," the refrain goes. "They can tell you there's no hope in sight / And they can say that it's a losing fight / That nothing ever would be bright enough to light up the dark / Oh, but we are."

The lyrics and high-energy feel of "We Are" can embolden anyone who's having a rough go.

"We Are" is from Stovall and the Drive's upcoming record, Heartbreak, which is set to be released on Feb. 23. More information is available on the group's official website.

Listen to Natalie Stovall and the Drive, "We Are":

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