This Halloween weekend, if you hit the road, the Missouri State Highway Patrol wants you to be safe.  Sounds like a plan, but sometimes we forget.

Now I have already made a few trips into Warrensburg, Columbia, and Jefferson City and sometimes you tend to relax and not pay as close attention.  Well I have seen a fair amount of deer carcasses and other roadkill that I would not like to see.  I have hit a deer before, and my car repairs were through the roof.  So be aware.

Now here are some points to think about.  If you are going to a Halloween party and have to drive a distance, make sure that whatever costume you may be wearing, doesn't make it harder for you to drive.  Make sure you can see clearly, and can move and reach whatever you need to in your vehicle.  Buckle Up, Phone Down!

And it goes without saying, that if you plan to consume alcohol, either have a designated driver to drive you back, or make sure you are sober enough to drive.  If it helps, your body needs 1 hour to remove the alcohol from 1 drink in your system.  So if you have had 4 drinks, make sure you allow about 3 1/2 hours to 4 for all of them to be out of your system, then drive.

If you are driving around town where trick or treaters will be out and about, be careful.  Kids often have a mind of their own and may bolt our between cars or cross the street randomly.  Parents, keep an eye on your kids, make sure they only go up to houses that are well-lit, and never get into a strangers car.

Simple stuff, but still things to think about this Halloween weekend.  Stay safe, and Happy Trick or Treating!

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