Before I was born, my father used to ride motorcycles and race motor cross.  From what I was told, he was pretty good.  I have a member of my family who at one time owned the largest Harley Davidson dealership in Illinois.  A few of my cousins also like riding motorcycles, and perhaps many of you do to.  The advice that all of them have always given me, if I ever wanted to learn to ride?


In August of 2020, Missouri made it optional to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle.  The Missouri State Highway Patrol does not appear to be a fan of that law.  Because they have seen a rise in fatalities where the riders were not wearing helmets.

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Here is a look at some recent statistics:

2017: 108 deaths, 13 not wearing a helmet,

2018: 95 deaths, 7 not wearing a helmet,

2019: 118 deaths, 10 not wearing a helmet,

2020: 111 deaths, 20 not wearing a helmet,

2021: 152 deaths, 78 not wearing a helmet,

2022: 84 deaths, 46 not wearing a helmet.

Sgt. Shane Hux of Troop H is a member of the Missouri State Highway Patrol and he gave a interview which you can read HERE.  Sgt. Hux says wearing a helmet is the safest option for motorcyclists since seatbelts are not worn while riding the vehicle. Other safety options are wearing eye-gear, leather clothing and wearing bright colors.  I did know that my father when he raced, he had leather pants and a jacket.  I am certain he always wore a helmet.

I realize that for some, this is an issue of freedom and not being told what to do. Better drivers who are more experienced on cycles are probably more observant and drive more carefully.  I still think wearing a helmet (and some of them are decorated quite cool) is a small price for a little extra safety on the road.  I am sure the Missouri State Highway Patrol will be grateful.

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