My favorite time of the year is Fall. I like the cooler air, the crisp mornings and usually, the first freeze that helps to annihilate the mosquito population! With that being said I also like the Spring and Summer months because you can get outside and grill your favorite foods but the one thing I despise when outside during that time are mosquitos. We may have the answer to help you out if you're suffering through the same dilemma.

I don't like using the mosquito sprays when I'm outside. Never have, never will. Other than those sprays there's not a whole lot you can do to keep 'skeeters at bay, but I ran across this article from and seemed like they may the solution that can help.

Believe it or not the answer to your mosquito problems could be as easy as attracting dragonflies. Yep, that's it. A natural way to keep mosquitos away, or should I say, consumed.

I never realized this but a single dragonfly can consume 100 mosquitos a day. Try to swat and kill 100 mosquitos during the course of the day and you'll be doing nothing all day but swatting!

According to the

Bats are great at providing natural mosquito control, but there’s another unlikely garden friend who can help as well: dragonflies!

What you want to do is attract dragonflies to your yard. and how do you do that? Pretty simple. Remove the bug zapper, (if you have one) install a water feature like a small pond or area of still water. It has to be still water. The dragonflies will lay their eggs through their life cycle. Now if you already have a pond or you're looking at building one, submerge aquatic plants in the water if you have or you're planning on putting fish in it. This will help to keep the fish from eating the dragonfly eggs.

So there's your plan. Try it out this summer and see if it helps eradicate those pesky blood-suckers!

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