There is a hill in Missouri that has baffled thousands for years. Many a YouTuber has gone to what is known as "Gravity Hill" and shared videos of their vehicles appearing to roll backward uphill. Now, there may be a scientific explanation as to what's really happening there.

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"Gravity Hill" as it is known is located near Freeman, Missouri in the west-central part of the state. Here's one of many videos that show the phenomenon is real.

The solution for Missouri's "Gravity Hill" may lie in a theory that's been shared recently about a different hill in Pennsylvania. It has the same vehicle appearing to coast uphill physics.

What the professor of integrated science is saying is that it's an optical illusion. When our minds see a road like this, it automatically tries to establish a perpendicular horizon. That makes a vehicle that's actually on a slight downhill grade appear to be coasting backwards when it's really slowly moving downhill.

The reporter proved the point by pouring water on the ground and it slowly started moving "up" the hill which gravity obviously doesn't really allow.

What about the legend of kid's fingerprints appearing on the vehicles?

The legend of Missouri's "Gravity Hill" says that vehicles are pushed uphill by ghosts that were killed in an accident there. Video of fingerprints on vehicles have been shared, but the professor says that the fingerprints appear because powder will show any fingerprints that were present prior.

Do you believe that Missouri's "Gravity Hill" really is just an illusion or is there something more sinister at work. Scientists and believers in the paranormal are likely to never agree on this.

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