It's a big old slice of Nope on a delicious Hard Pass sandwich from me, but if you're a thrill ride enthusiast, you're definitely going to want to put Silver Dollar City, Branson on your vacation schedule, be it for Spring Break, or later on in the summer. They're opening a brand new ride for you to lose your lunch on: The Time Traveler.

It's billed as the world's Tallest, Steepest and Fastest rollercoaster.... that also spins. YEP! IT SPINS! So in addition to hitting speeds over 50 miles per hour, in addition to the 10 story drops and 90 degree verticals, this puppy spins you right 'round baby right 'round. Like a record. Baby. Right 'round. I just like that song.

Just watching that animation is giving me a little queasy feeling. I'm generally OK on roller coasters, despite my unease with heights, but then you add spinning into that? No thank you. A very big no thank you. That's not for me. You can do it, though.

The Time Traveler officially opens for business on March 14th, and this will definitely be worth checking out when you're down Branson way.

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