Hopefully all of you paid your taxes this year.  On time.  For some of you, you probably got a refund.  Hope you got to spend it, how you wanted to, and put it to good use.  Some of you may have owed money to the IRS.  This year, I did get a refund from the state of Missouri, but I owed the state of Indiana about $300 bucks because I chose not to have taxes taken out from my unemployment.  I ended up pretty much breaking even.  That is really a good thing, because if I am that close to breaking even, it means that money I had was being used how I wanted it.  But a larger refund is nice.

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The Missouri House is one step close to giving Missourians a tax credit, but not everyone who pays taxes would receive the rebate.

Just days after the tax filing deadline, representatives are working on a plan to use $1 billion of the state’s surplus for tax rebates. Out of the 3.2 million Missourians who file taxes, around 30% won’t receive the credit.  You can click HERE for more details on this story.

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According to the Missouri Department of Revenue, 877,429 Missourians would not receive a rebate at all, 946,726 residents would receive some sort of credit, and 1,389,095 would receive the maximum rebate.  Depending on your income, and if you have any tax liability, you may or may not get this rebate.  The hope is that this rebate will be able to help out as many as possible even if it is a small amount.  For someone like me, if I am lucky enough to be eligible, a few hundred bucks can make a big difference.  Fingers crossed.

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