You can help conserve water and maybe lower your water bill by checking your home for water leaks during Fix a Leak Week.

Missouri American Water recently conducted a survey and found that over two-in-three Americans have had a water leak in their home. A lot of those leaks according to the water company's study occurred in the kitchen or bathroom.

“By conducting our survey, we were able to take a comprehensive snapshot of where we stand when it comes to water leaks and water conservation during this unprecedented time,” said David Choate, vice president, engineering at American Water in a release. “As part of our mission in helping to better serve customers, we are using this year’s Fix a Leak Week to help people understand where and how to spot common problematic leaks to help improve home safety and support water efficiency and conservation.”

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So how can you spot water leaks around your home?

Toilets - If your toilet keeps draining and refilling, the plunger ball or flapper valve may need to be replaced.

Sinks - If you have a faucet that's dripping, you may have a worn or improperly fitted washer.

Outside faucets - If faucets around your house haven't drained or shut properly. Frigid temperatures can cause issues. Check for leaks when it gets warmer.

Dishwashers / Washing machines - Water on the floor around the machine could indicate a leak.

Refrigerators - Excessive ice accumulation in the freezer or small puddles under the fridge might indicate an issue with your ice making machine or the line to the machine.

Hot Water Heaters - Water dripping down the side of the tank and accumulation on the floor may be a sign that the pressure-valve release isn't working properly.

Outside service line / Sprinkler system - Soft wet spots on your lawn can indicate some type of leak.

Additionally, Missouri American Water says you can do the two-hour test. They say while not using any water, check your water meter before and after a two-hour period. If the meter registers any change during this time, you probably have a leak.

The water company also encourages people not to flush things like wipes, Q-tips and dental floss down the toilet. And to keep things like Fats, Oils and Grease, eggshells and uncooked rice out of your garbage disposal.  As these things can cause clogs and other plumbing problems.

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