Carrie Underwood has been having some fun on social media at her husband Mike Fisher's expense lately. Just recently, she posted a photo suggesting he is a relentless purveyor of groan-worthy dad jokes. And on Saturday (June 9), she made fun of his singing voice, sharing a video of him singing her new single "Cry Pretty" along with the car radio.

To be fair, Fisher's rendition of the song is comedy gold. He starts out with a high falsetto, then reminds everyone that you really cannot cry pretty with a full-on, ripping "no, no no no NO!"

"You gonna start your new career as a country singer, babe?" Underwood dryly asks Fisher, who replies with a cheerful "Heard that many times." The couple's son, Isaiah, is heard giggling in the background, and Mom can't help but join in as well.

"Sounds just like the original ..." Underwood duly noted on Instagram of Fisher's serenade.

It should be noted that not everyone shares her opinion of his singing. He's won the praise of no less than Garth Brooks, who has said that the retired NHL player "has a pretty good singing voice" after hearing Fisher take on a rendition of the hit "The River."

Underwood proved that although she enjoys poking fun at her hubby, she's still plenty sweet on him—on Sunday (June 10), she shared a snap of a cool birthday cake she had made for his 38th birthday on June 5. The cake, created by a Brentwood, Tenn. bakery, is shaped like a snapback hat, and bears the logo of his hunting apparel company, Catchin' Deers.

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