Dallas Davidson is one of Nashville's biggest songwriters. As part of the Peach Pickers, he's helped write many of the top hits of the last five years, including Luke Bryan's 'That's My Kind of Night.' Naturally, Davidson says he took it personally when Zac Brown attacked his song.

“A comment like that will hurt your feelings, because when you write a song, it’s kind of like one of your babies," Davidson tells Roughstock. "To hear a successful artist say it was the worst song he’s heard and it makes him want to throw up, that’s just not cool."

Davidson adds, "to come out publicity and dog on other artists and dog on a song and the songwriters, to me, is just unacceptable and it's not nice."

The songwriter says he heard about the controversy from Bryan, who is a good friend and his former college roommate. The man who also helped pen 'Boys 'Round Here' for Blake Shelton, 'Runnin' Outta Moonlight' for Randy Houser, 'Just a Kiss' for Lady Antebellum and many more says he has no problem with Zac Brown Band's music.

"But what the Peach Pickers do and what some other writers he mentioned who are having all the hits right now do are writing about what we know about and what people want to hear," Davidson furthers. "I think the downloads and the ticket sales that come with those big hit songs are the facts, and that’s really all that matters to me."

He recalls the Golden Rule and bites his tongue before saying anything nasty about Brown, but makes it clear he doesn't enjoy being criticized. And it doesn't sound like he'll change much moving forward.

"I’m doing what I want, and I’m doing what I think people want to hear. We’ve got to give them what they want," Davidson concludes. T"hat’s our jobs. Without the fans, we don’t have a job, so I’m going to keep doing my thing. And if anybody's wondering ... I've got Luke Bryan's back 'til the day I die."

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