As some of you may know, I have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis since about 2004.  It's a neurological disease that manifests itself in many different ways, and each person's symptoms are unique. So since every person is affected differently, it's hard to diagnose.  The disease itself doesn't have a cure.   To explain the disease, let me use the example of an electrical wire in your house.  The wires are all covered by little bits of plastic to protect them.   It looks like this.


Think of your nerves like these wires.  Each nerve that runs through your body to connect your brain to your extremities is covered by a protective substance called Myelin. MS is a disease where for an unexplained reason, your body fights that Myelin and eats away at it, exposing the nerve.  When the nerve gets exposed, it causes little areas around your brain and spine called Sclerosis.   When you have several of those exposed areas, you have MS.   Each little exposed nerve may make you feel a different way, so you can see how it's very complicated to treat.  Some people have trouble walking or with balance, some people have trouble with vision, some people have trouble with speech, etc.  For me, I have some trouble with saying the wrong words or combining words a lot - and I have some physical symptoms.  Some people go years without having any obvious, visible symptoms.

Anyway, Walk MS is a huge event that inspires a lot of local people to get together to try to raise money for research to fight this disease.   Courtney's Crew is a local group that got together to participate in the Walk MS 5k event held in Marshall. Courtney's Crew raised over $2200 for multiple sclerosis research, treatments and an overall cure. They put on a bake sale and a Shop to Stop MS event within the Sedalia community to raise awareness and funds for the cause. Next year they hope to have even bigger events in hopes to getting more volunteers and people involved.  I'm so proud to have helped them a little bit, and I'm amazed their dedication!  So I just wanted to say thanks to all of the group, and all they've done with their fundraising efforts. I hope that next year, it gets even bigger and better.  Go Courtney's Crew, you guys rule.

Congratulatory yours,


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