This week, country musicians released music videos of all varieties, including feel-good summer anthems, poignant political statements and icy break-up songs. Read on to check out the newest videos! 

Little Big Town, “Summer Fever”

Even if you're not a beach gal or guy, Little Big Town's "Summer Fever" music video will have you longing for the smell of sunscreen and the feeling of sand between your toes. The TK McKamy-directed video evokes a classic carefree summertime spirit. Shot along Florida’s stunning 30A coastline, the video features the group's four members biking on the banks of Watersound Beach and strolling along the boardwalk. The whole thing ends in a full-blown beach party alongside two of the song’s co-writers, Jesse Frasure and Cary Barlowe.

After just one view, you'll be ready to pack up your suit, fuel up the car and head to the closest beach for a summer getaway. "Summer Fever" is LBT's newest single and, Shane McAnally--one of the song's co-producers-- says, “I dare you to sit still when this song comes on ... it’s impossible. I don’t even dance, but something comes over me when this thing kicks in." -- CV

Montgomery Gentry, “Get Down South”

Montgomery Gentry's "Get Down South" music video features a country guy and a city girl headed out to wide open spaces -- or, as Eddie Montgomery sings, "Way out here there ain't no parking lot / It's a big green field and we just pick a spot." In the beginning of the clip, it seems the girl is simply not suited for the country and more at home among skyscrapers and stilettos. Yet, as the video progresses, her dislike of the small town life and the great outdoors begins to dissipate--and by the end of the evening, she's downright enjoying herself.

"Get Down South" is the second single from the band's new record -- and final project as a duo -- Here's to You. The album was released in February 2018, and was completed just before Troy Gentry's tragic passing. -- CV

Brandi Carlile, "Hold Out Your Hand"

Brandi Carlile delivers a powerful vision of social turmoil and hope for the future in her video for "Hold Out Your Hand." Filmed at the Seattle, Wash. March for Our Lives, Carlile's fired up lyrics challenge the discord between groups to create a brighter tomorrow as throngs of people from all walks of life and generations join in the rally that was organized by Seattle area high school students in March.

"The kids in this video left their houses, put down their phones and showed up in Seattle to protest gun violence and ask for the adults in this country to take responsibility for what's happening to them in their schools. This is the way I would want my daughter to communicate and this is a generation I am in complete support of." Carlile said in a press release. Carlile's daughter with her wife, Catherine Shepherd, was born days before the rally. -- LS

Jade Bird, "Furious"

British-born singer-songwriter Jade Bird captures the essence of heartbreak in the video for her newest single, "Furious." Sitting alone in a gritty Detroit motel room, Bird delivers the woeful ballad of a woman led astray by a philandering lover. With the quiet accompaniment of an acoustic guitar, Bird's haunting voice owns an aching heart in the winding melody. -- LS

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