If you've got a boat on your trailer, I expect to see you out the studio window as you head down Limit toward the Lake of the Ozarks to try and break the Guinness World Record for largest boat parade Saturday.

To break the record for Largest Boat Parade there needs to be at least 1,181 boats in the parade. The record is currently held in Malaysia with 1,180 boats. According to a post on the Best Dam Birthday Bash site.

Now, you just can't show up unregistered at Lake of the Ozarks and get into the festivities. Boats need to be registered to participate, and the cost is $50.00. However, no one's getting rich off the deal. Every registered boat will receive a flag and a t-shirt commemorating the event. And any additional monies raised by the boat parade will go towards the largest fireworks display ever produced in Missouri, on August 10, in honor of our state's Bicentennial.

Organizers are asking participants to wear the shirt and fly the flag on the boat because it will help the adjudicator spot the boats in the parade as they go by.

All boats must have a registration number to participate in the parade, however you are welcome to register a boat rental not registered in your name. Plus, it's a Guinness rule that every boat must have a registration number. In addition to registration number: the brand of boat, length of hull, state of registration is needed for the entry form.

Some other odds and ends regarding the attempt at longest boat parade: The length of the line created by these vessels may be recorded for interest but isn't relevant to the record. All boat skippers must be licensed for their boat.. And yes, all boats need to be actually moving for the record to count.

After the conclusion of the parade there will be a press conference where the adjudicator will announce whether Lake of the Ozarks has broke the record for the largest boat parade.

More information on this event can be found on the Best Dam Birthday Bash site. The Best Dam Birthday Bash is season long celebration of the 90th birthday of Bagnell Dam and Missouri's Bicentennial at the Lake of the Ozarks all season long.

The boat parade is set for 9:00AM CDT Saturday, June 12.

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