KIX105.7 was on the road Wednesday morning, January 24, to visit Monica Holman's class at Parkview Christian Church in Sedalia.

It's always fun visiting schools and talking to students. especially when it's three, four and five-year olds. As you probably know the attention-span for that age group is about three seconds. (And that may be stretching it!)

As you can see it was a sunny morning and the kids had a problem looking into the sun when it was time for a group picture. (No, they weren't hiding their faces in embarrasment!)

As I visited the class, questions included, "Do you like Justin Beiber?" "What's your favorite music?" and "Do you like to dance?".

It was a great time visiting with the kids, and as always, I get a kick on how some of the boys and girls act in a class setting at that age. Miss Monica and her helper, Lyssa Robbins, do a fantastic job with the kids.

Thank you for the invite and looking forward to the visit next year!

Lyssa Robbins
Lyssa Robbins



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