Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert are superstars in their own right, and when their star power combines, it's pure magic. Fans got to experience the singers perform a surprise duet of 'We Were Us' in Oklahoma City, making every country fan who wasn't wish they had been there.

Urban brought Lambert onstage during his concert on Saturday (Oct. 19), prompting impressive screams from the fans. As the 'Mama's Broken Heart' hitmaker walked onto the stage wearing a sparkly miniskirt, black tanktop and heeled booties, she was greeted with a huge smile from Urban, who bowed as she entered the spotlight, obviously thrilled that she was there!

The duo delivered their duet, 'We Were Us,' which is currently a Top 10 country song. The catchy song is on Urban's 'Fuse' album, released in September. As you'd expect, the two singers were in their element, harmonizing and singing in perfect sync. It's the first time they've performed the duet together live, and hopefully it won't be the last. Judging from the audience response, it won't!

Lambert and Urban not only had a blast performing it onstage, but they also had a great time recording and collaborating together. The 'Little Bit of Everything' singer only had Lambert in mind for the duet and raved about her talent, artistry and voice, while she called the whole collaboration experience "awesome."

The duet was a win-win situation for the singers, and the audience couldn't have been treated to a better surprise performance.

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