“Slow Dance in a Parking Lot” is Jordan Davis’ third single, and it sees him take a different direction even as it maintains an unbroken string of perfectly-recorded songs.

The track isn’t as upbeat as“Singles You Up," which reached No. 1 on Billlboard's Country Airplay chart, but it still has a catchy melody that makes it stick in your head on the first listen. This venture into love songs sees Davis come into his own, and it points the way to an avenue he should definitely consider exploring more.

Louisiana-born Davis penned "Slow Dance in a Parking Lot" alongside Lonnie Fowler, and the writing is surprisingly moving, taking the simple act of slow dancing in a parking lot and creating a track that fuses so much ambiance and emotion. The majestic backbeat blends flawlessly with Davis’ smooth voice, with a gravelly undertone that makes this a song that transports you to the feeling of being under the stars with that special someone.

Davis is an artist who blends pop, R&B and country. If you’re a fan of Sam Hunt and Thomas Rhett, then "Slow Dance in a Parking Lot" may well be for you with its appealing blend of musical styles.

Did You Know?: Davis and Lonnie Fowler wrote "Slow Dance in a Parking Lot" around Fowler's experiences on a first date with his wife.

Jordan Davis, "Slow Dance in a Parking Lot" Lyrics:

Lights go down, wheels go around / I'm taking you home / Hoping for a slow song to come on the radio now / I'm not ready to shut it down / The way the dashboard glow / Is hitting your eyes making me lose everything / On my mind / And the only thing I wanna do is find a spot / Stop this car and throw it in park and just …

Slow dance with you / Spinning you around by the Walmart sign / And moving our feet over the painted white lines / Getting close to you / Making the most of whatever we got / Even if it's just a slow dance in a parking lot (Slow dance in a parking lot).

Half song gone, one door open, across the lot / A rent-a-cop's rolling a security car / And its yellow lights spinning and flashing in time / To the radio singing / A little Garth Brooks / You start humming the very last verse to "She's Every Woman” / And I don't care what song comes next / I'm falling right here, don't wanna safety net in a …

Repeat Chorus

And get close to you / Making the most of whatever we got, even if it's just …

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