Take the two minutes to watch this video. I guarantee it's the craziest fight you've ever seen. I don't know if you'll get to see a fight quite that wild this weekend, but there's definitely going to be some great MMA action in Mid-Missouri this weekend!

This Saturday (Dec. 7), the John Eitel Memorial Fight presented by Ron Garrison will be held at Bottoms Up at 200 Industrial Drive in Sedalia. The event will feature 25 cage matches, including five title matches and special guest ring girls.

For ticket information, call (660) 287-0645. The event begins at 5:00 p.m. Check out the full card below:

185 lbs. Jerry White vs. Ryan Holliger (Grapple)
185 lbs. Jordan Oltmer vs. David Fizer (Grapple)
145 lbs. Brandon Lahmeyer vs. Justyn Barrett (Grapple)
155 lbs. Pansy Henry vs. Deanna Donnell (Grapple)
145 lbs. Tray Martin vs. Mark Savage (Grapple)
120 lbs. Tristen Brightwell vs. Isaiah Rockett (KB)
140 lbs. Jimmie Yount vs. Chad Marcum (Alt) Mark Savage
165 lbs. Randy Stanfield vs. Jason Stout
125 lbs. Mathew Levine vs. Sean Larsen (Alt) Mark Savage
155 lbs. Jose Zaragoza vs. Stefan Western
145 lbs. Robert Puckett vs. Dakota Byrd
155 lbs. Stephen Bartlett vs. Leon Hinkley (Alt) Steven Dodson
155 lbs. Gregory Goode vs. Steven Dickerson / Charles Bell
160 lbs. Miguel Zaragoza vs. Billy Guyman
185 lbs. David Summers vs. Shawn Taranova
205 lbs. Matt Shell vs. Darryl Haskew
185 lbs. Mitch Herdliska vs. Jesse Hodges
In Honor Of Breast Cancer Awareness
150 lbs. Jesse Roberts vs. Nate Allen (Title)
215 lbs. Steven Nevels vs. Igor Sarioglo
185 lbs. Corey Innis vs. Stewart Workcuff
145 lbs. Shannon Glasgow vs. Quentin O'Bryan (Title)
135 lbs. Harley Holcomb vs. Chris Terry (Title)
145-155 lbs. Dray Martinez vs. Matthew Case (Title)
Sponsored By KINKY DINKS
255 lbs. Jerod Glasgow vs. David Fields (Title) (Alt) Loyd Green