A starry-eyed deadbeat dad searching for his big break was ordered to pay more that $32,000 in back child support after being cast in a movie with Jennifer Aniston.

The only hitch? There was no movie.

Joshua Garlathy pleaded guilty Tuesday to willful failure to pay child support after being lured just one month earlier from Hawaii to Pennsylvania by a bounty hunter promising him a role in a film that didn’t exist. Ironically, Aniston starred in the 2010 film ‘The Bounty Hunter.’

After Garlathy’s flight landed, it didn’t take long for him to realize that not only was there no movie — there was no Jennifer Aniston, either.

Police arrested Garlathy under a new law making it a crime to move out of state in an attempt to evade paying child support.

In addition to having to pay thousands in back child support, Garlathy was also sentenced to 90 days of probation.

Garlathy says he hopes to re-establish a relationship with his daughter.


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