When you think of the St Louis Cardinals franchise, and baseball in Missouri, there are several names that may come to mind.  Stan "The Man" Musial, Bob Gibson, Lou Brock, Albert Pujols, and Rogers Hornsby.  Well another Cardinal HOF was in Jefferson City on Tuesday and it was for a very cool reason.

The Wizard himself Ozzie Smith was in our state capital on Tuesday and he was there to present a check.

The St. Louis Cardinals baseball legend held a golf tournament in late July -- his second in two years -- to raise money for numerous nonprofit organizations, including Special Olympics.

The hall-of-famer presented his gift of $10,000 to SOMO during a ceremony early Tuesday afternoon at the Training for Life Campus in Jefferson City. You can also read that story HERE.

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Ozzie got a tour of the Training for Life Campus in Jefferson City from Abby Bax, who is a Special Olympics athlete. The campus has a lot of nice things such as a soundproof room for health screenings.  It is believed Missouri's campus is the only one in the nation with a wing dedicated to health screenings and care.

That $10,000 donation will certainly be able to help out and do a lot of good, and Ozzie has said he truly loves giving back.  It was nice to read that Ozzie took some time to interact with the athletes.  He was a joy to watch on the field, and this is coming from a Chicago Cubs fan.  Sounds like he is just as great off the field too.

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