Missourians do you think your state is well educated? Check out where the Show-Me State is on a list of all 50 states from most to least educated, the results may shock you...

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According to a ranking put together by Scholaroo, Missouri ranks as the 8th most educated state in the US! Missouri ranks just ahead of Illinois which ranks 9th, and Iowa which ranks 11th, and only behind states like Massachusetts which ranked 1st, and Minnesota which ranked 2nd. How did they compile these rankings? On the site, they say...

"In the United States, individuals with university degrees generally earn approximately $26,000 more annually than those who have only completed high school. Scholaroo’s data team embarked on a quest to identify the states with the highest levels of education in the country. Their analysis focused on two key elements: the number of individuals who successfully completed their studies and the quality of educational institutions. Additional details were examined to provide a comprehensive overview."

Missouri ranked 8th due to a number of different factors including being ranked 2nd for Highest Share of Doctoral Program Graduates, and being ranked 3rd in Educational Attainment. To see the complete list for yourself, click here!

Did they get it right?

I totally agree that Missouri should be in the top ten when it comes to most educated states. Missouri is home to some really great prep schools, terrific Universities, and cities that attract educated people to live and work like Kansas City and St. Louis. Do you think this ranking is accurate?

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