Every fan of country music has debated who the best living performer is. Carrie? Kenny? Garth? George Strait? Which artist puts on the best concert?

Ep. 1 of Certified formalizes the argument. Watch as a trio of country music panelists make a case for and against 15 hitmakers, including Eric Church, Morgan Wallen, Keith Urban and Shania Twain. There are a few rules and twists you'll pick up along the way, and you're guaranteed to want to throw something.

In the end there was something like consensus, but that doesn't mean you'll agree.

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Singer, songwriter and On the Edge podcast host Stephanie Quayle represents the artist perspective during this episode of Certified. Patrick Thomas — co-host and producer for the ACM nominated Big D & Bubba radio show — brings the heat and hot takes as he reps the industry. Taste of Country writer Carena Liptak rounds out the panel, representing the fans. Here's a taste of the video before you dive into the full episode:

Taste of Country's Certified was created to formalize the great country debates that pass through the generations. It'd be a stretch to say we settle any differences — fans of several artists may leave this video feeling snubbed — but at least all sides of the conversation were heard.

Billy Dukes hosts these monthly videos. If there is a topic you'd love to see debated, let us know on Twitter.

Country Music's Best Living Performers, Ranked — Certified

Who is country music's best living performer? It's a debate country fans have all the time, and there are passionate arguments for any one of a couple dozen stars. Taste of Country's new video series certifies this water cooler discussion.

Singer Stephanie Quayle, radio host Patrick Thomas and ToC writer Carena Liptak assembled 15 candidates and eliminated one at a time, round-robin style. Everyone had one block to use, which means each panelist could stop someone from eliminating an artist. WATCH the full video on YouTube or check out the results below.