The trade deadline in Major League Baseball is about a week away.  It certainly would be fair to say that the Kansas City Royals would be sellers at the deadline, as opposed to buyers.  If the Royals fans have a voice of who might get traded or who they would like to see stay, they want the unvaccinated players to go.

As you may remember when the Royals went to Toronto for a 4 game series before the break, and 10 of their players could not travel with the team because they were unvaccinated, including their star player Whit Merrifield.  Whit took the brunt of the criticism, largely because of his comment that he might get vaccinated if he played for a playoff contender. Not really being a good teammate.

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A poll, albeit an unscientific one, asked about 2000 Kansas City Royals fans, who they might like to see traded.  36% of the roughly 2,000 responses was in favor of dealing them all, as of Friday morning. Another 29% said the Royals should trade Merrifield and the veterans over the age of 30 (center fielder Michael A. Taylor, infielder/outfielder Hunter Dozier).  You can read more HERE.

Now it wasn't that long ago, that this Royals organization were able to put together a team that went to back to back World Series.  But the fans are like any other fans.  We want to support your teams, and you want to see your favorite players.  When players like Merrifield, make it clear that they are anti-science unless they are playing for a winning team, then the fans say, Fine...we don't need you and you can go somewhere else.

One fan wrote  “They should seek to trade any player that is not 100% committed to winning. Yes in America we have the freedom to choose to get the shot, MLB teams also have the right to trade players that put their own self interest ahead of the team. Why is this so hard to understand people?”

We will see how the team handles the next few weeks and if any of their players that have chosen not to get vaccinated, will remain with the team going forward. Royals fans, what say you?

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