Kansas City International Airport is experiencing a lot of cancelled and delayed flights due to the freezing rain and cold temperatures this afternoon. Precipitation had the airport shut down for a time this morning. According to KCTV5.com the airport resumed operations just after noon.

Many flights from and to KCI have wound up being cancelled. According to the flight status pages at flykci.com 25 departures have been cancelled between 2:00PM CST and the end of the day, with many of those cancellations taking place between now and 6:00PM CST.

35 arriving flights have also been cancelled, many of those scheduled before 8:00PM CST. KCTV5.com is reporting that all flights from Nashville to Kansas City have been cancelled which has left many Titans fans scrambling to find another way to get into the city for Sunday's game.

Many flights scheduled for departure after 6:00PM CST are still listed as on time at flykci.com. Many arrivals after 8:00PM CST are still listed as on time as well. As departure and arrival times creep closer, this obviously could change. If you're on a scheduled flight out of KCI later today or tonight you'll want to call your airline to check the status of your flight before heading to the airport.

Those heading to the airport to pick someone up may also want to check with the airline, KCI's flight status page, or the person you're meeting at the airport to get the status of their flight.


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