Believe it or not, I am not a perfect human being.  I have my foibles. I don't bite my fingernails, but I do pick at the polish I put on.  Why, I have no idea. Why can't I just use the dang remover like a normal person?

Well, sometimes I do use it, but sometimes I just... can't stop myself. I can go for maybe two or three weeks with intact polish, and then it happens.  I start picking. That happens for maybe a day or two, and then I start over. Poor Husbando can't stand that I do that.  I try not to do it, I really do. I guess he's mostly annoyed because I encouraged him to stop biting his fingernails. Like, why do I get to keep my annoying habit but he can't keep his?

I don't know if it's a nervous habit or a weird OCD thing, or what?

Do you have a "thing" that you do like this? Did you get over it, or do you still do it? I knew a lady once who would take a piece of clear tape from the dispenser and chew on it. I knew a few pen chewers in my time, too. I knew another girl who would chew or suck on the end of her hair when she was thinking.  If you don't have a "thing", do you know someone who does? What do they do? Does it bother you?

Pickingly yours,