Hunter Hayes has shared with fans a new song that mixes a whole bunch of different styles into one cohesive track. Press play above to listen to "You Should Be Loved."

"You Should Be Loved," written by Hayes, Sam Ellis and Blair Daly, is reminiscent of the 1950s, with its doo-wop melody and optimistic, romantic lyrics. The song finds Hayes wanting to be the one to love a girl like she deserves, saving her from a lackluster relationship.

"Diamond eyes and beauty like I've never seen before / You should be shining like a star instead of crying like you are / Held by a man who don't know what he has," Hayes sings in "You Should Be Loved." In the slow-but-powerful chorus, he spells it out for the girl in question: "You should be loved, loved, loved, loved, loved / You should be missed by somebody / Kissed by somebody / Loved by somebody / Like me."

The Shadowboxers lend their voices to "You Should Be Loved," adding to the song's retro vibe. As reported by Rolling Stone, Hayes admits that he was anxious to ask the group to collaborate: "When I want to collaborate with someone, I'm kind of nervous to ask because I don't want to hear no," he says.

"You Should Be Loved" is available on iTunes.

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