Hunter Hayes has released the music video for his newest single, "Yesterday's Song." Readers can press play above to watch the new clip, which finds the singer-songwriter looking back on his career so far, giving a new meaning to the breakup tune's lyrics.

Directed by Ryan Hamblin, the "Yesterday's Song" music video features Hayes wandering through and performing in a giant, shattered disco ball -- and fighting off a suit-wearing captor with a disco ball for a head -- as clips of of a younger Hayes play on the mirrors around him. The artist tells Travel + Leisure that the video expresses visually his take on the song's lyrics, which Hayes says are about "moving on in general," not necessarily from a romantic breakup, and "not letting your past determine who you always will be."

"Mirrors are such a great visual version of the movement that can happen. Mirrors can kind of block you in. And looking back the wrong way can kind of be deceiving," Hayes explains. "You have to dream about your future, you’ve got to shape your future, you’ve got to look towards your future. Embrace your past, embrace everything that it made you and know that it made you stronger to carry on and move on."

“Yesterday’s Song" was written by Hayes, Martin Johnson and Barry Dean and co-produced by Hayes and Dann Huff. The song is one of three new tunes that Hayes gave fans a peek at in the fall of 2016.

“Writing and recording for this new album has been a creative journey for me, both as an artist and just as a human. I’ve been learning how to let go and just let the process be, not over-thinking every little thing, which is something I’m really good at," Hayes says in a press release. "I’ve been experimenting with new sounds and stretching myself creatively more than ever before, and just embracing life, which I think you can really hear in these songs and I think that comes through visually with this video as well.”

"Yesterday’s Song” is available for download on iTunes.

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