With superstardom comes tabloid interest -- especially in your love life, which Hunter Hayes is learning the hard way. The singer, who is only recently settling into superfame, has been the subject of some interesting dating rumors over the past few months, which came as a surprise to him.

Hayes recently dished about having to deal with the gossip -- and even revealed that he has a celebrity crush.  The young country singer says his mind is still blown by the fact that people would even care if he is dating someone -- or the fact that the gossip media would go to extensive lengths to manufacture such rumors.

"It is strange," Hayes reveals of his new heartthrob status. "That's the one part that nobody kinda can tell you about or prepare you for."

The singer did admit that he has a celeb crush, but wouldn't unveil who it is. He remained mum, since he doesn't want to deal with any awkwardness that would ensue should she find out, saying, "My celebrity crush is not gonna find out who my celebrity crush is anytime soon. I'm so nervous! I may keep that to myself because if I do meet her and she already knows about it, that could be awkward."

In the meantime, as Hayes says, he's still on the hunt for his Mrs. Right: “I don’t even have a type I don’t think. My type is just whoever can get along with me. As geeky and as high-energy as I am it’s gonna take somebody pretty patient.”

He adds, “I believe when you meet the right person in clicks, and you both know and you start making it work, you know?”