This is funny. RoadSnacks has put together a list of Missouri's "snobbiest cities." Maybe the funniest thing about their article is the disclaimer: "This article is an opinion based on facts and is meant as infotainment. Don’t freak out." None of our local cities came in near the top of the list, but you might recognize some of the Top 10.  Most of them are St. Louis suburbs. I think I've been to probably seven or eight of Missouri's 10 snobbiest cities. How many have you visited? Did you encounter any snobs?

  1. Ladue
  2. Parkville
  3. Town and Country
  4. Des Peres
  5. Chesterfield
  6. Clayton
  7. Dardenne Prairie
  8. Wildwood
  9. Brentwood
  10. Creve Coeur

Warrensburg ranked 54th, less snobby than Kansas City (22nd), Columbia (24th) and Jefferson City (40th), but more snobby than Boonville (72nd), Raytown (83rd) and Independence (88th).

In case you're wondering, here are some of the statistics that RoadSnacks looked at in order to determine a city's snobbiness: median home price, median household income, private schools per capita, art galleries per capita. The higher a city ranked in these and a few other categories, the snobbier they were considered to be. Over 100 cities across the state were considered for the list. You can see the full list of cities and how they ranked at the RoadSnacks website.

And remember, this is just for fun. Don't freak out.

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